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Welcome & Insights into the Microbiome Market

Presented by Len Monheit

KEYNOTE - Mechanistic Mining of the Microbiome for Metabolic and Mental Health

Presented by Harriet Schellekens, PhD

The Next Generation of Immune Health – A Postbiotic with Real Clinical Research

Presented by Danielle Citrolo, Pharm D

Abundant Biotics: Engaging brands and consumers on the definitions and diverse benefits of pre- and postbiotics

Presented by Alexis Collins

Spotlight on New Fundamental Research in Prebiotics

Presented by Cynthia Fernández-Lainez

Insights into ‘Biotic’ Supplement Consumers – Deep Dive into Gut/Brain and Inflammation Targets

Presented by Traci Kantowski & Aurore de Monclin

Keynote – SIBO: A Common Imbalance in the Gut Microbiome – Clinical Pearls for Diagnosis and Treatment

Presented by Drew Sinatra, ND, FACN

Actionable Microbiome Insights for Health, Disease, Aging, and Drug Responses

Presented by Nathan Price, PhD

Targeting Science to Meet Consumer’s Digestive Needs

Presented by Samantha Ford

Awakening New Perspectives: Enzymes for Digestion and Microbiome Health

Presented by Julia Cravens

Spotlight on New Applied Research in Prebiotics

Presented by Ambra Giorgetti

Keynote – The Kitchen Prescription: How to Revolutionize Your Gut Health with the Food You Eat

Presented by Dr. Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Panel - Case Studies: Microbiome Entrepreneurship

Presented by Lucie Hayter, Madeline Lauf, & Marc Washington

Dietitians and ‘Biotics – Driving the Discussion

Presented by Kara Landau, RD

Challenges in Postbiotic Communication: Are consumers ready for postbiotics?

Presented by Aubrey Levitt

These Folks can Really Shut You Down

Presented by Asa Waldstein