Supply Chain & Delivery Systems: Mastering the Market Schedule

Please see the schedule below; subject to changes.

Day 1: February 28, Wednesday

10:00 – 10:20 AM EST

Maggie Jaqua & Len Monheit

Conference Welcome & ITC Global Insights

10:20 – 11:05 AM EST

Nada Sanders, PhD

Keynote - Building Resilient Supply Chains Through a People-Focused Future

Dr. Nada Sanders has become the go-to expert on predicting economic trends, helping companies rebuild their supply chains and prepare for the future. She cautions that the future will not look like the past pointing to a collision of global uncertainty of a ‘new normal’ with the launch of generative AI. These events represent such a disruptive change that it is not sufficient to change any one thing – but requires us to change everything. We have to change how we create, compete, work, learn, collaborate, and look at problems and solutions in a very different way. But how and what should we do? Based on latest research of CEO interviews this talk identifies exactly what strategies are needed for everyone to prepare.

11:05 – 11:50 AM EST

Loren Israelsen, JD; Amit Srivastava

Panel: A Spotlight on India and Geopolitical Implications across Supply Chains

What’s New in India and a Discussion of Global Geopolitics – In this session, Nutrify Today’s Chief Catalyst Amit Srivastava will catch us up on the India Nutra scene as well as an update on Nutrify Genie, their AI tool. UNPA’s Loren Israelsen will then dig deep into current geopolitics, what to look out for and how to prepare for the next several years.

11:50 AM – 12:20 PM EST

Lisa Thomas; Wilson Lau, JD

Supply Chain Expertise & Development of Novel Formats Outside Your Wheelhouse

As we discuss how the role of the Contract Manufacturer has evolved to add in Development efforts, it is important to understand the level of expertise in-house and how partnering with specialists in your supply chain can even better improve speed to market for novel formats, both in the Dietary Supplements and Foods & Beverages space. This partnership model can be very successful for companies looking for alternative formats where there is manufacturing uncertainty; maybe with gummies, functional foods, or anything that is adjacent or unrelated to your manufacturer’s core competency. Ingredient and application science experts can marry supply chain with application and marketing to manage new product development and innovation, allowing you to have a secure supply chain and a final product that fits your Marketing team’s product brief. Thank you, Nuherbs, for underwriting this session.

12:20 – 12:30 PM EST

Len Monheit

NI Supply Chain & Delivery Systems Trivia

Join the fun for a chance at a Naturally Informed Yeti Tumbler!

12:30 – 1:00 PM EST

Sebastian Balcombe

Fact vs Fallacy in Liposomal Delivery Systems

When it comes to liposomal delivery systems, confusion is widespread. We’re going to cover the basics of what are liposomes and what makes a liposomal ingredient perform at a higher level. We will review recent research and how this novel delivery system works with natural ingredients, including the ability to increase the bioavailability and stability of critical nutrients in the body. We will also cover why validation is critically important! Thank you, Specnova, for underwriting this session.

1:00 – 1:45 PM EST

Shane Durkee; Todd Taylor; Torah Torres

Panel: New Applications in Technology & Formulating
Day 2: February 29, Thursday

10:00 – 10:05 AM EST

Maggie Jaqua

Day 2 Welcome

10:05 – 10:50 AM EST

David Rabin, MD, PhD

Keynote - The Convergence of Health and Technology: How tech-based health solutions are helping us live our best lives

For centuries, Western and Eastern medicine have been divided. While Western medicine effectively treats acute illnesses requiring life-saving measures, Eastern and Tribal medicine practices excel at preventing and managing chronic physical and mental illnesses. This talk will discuss how Eastern, Western and Tribal philosophies are beginning to converge with technology – opening up possibilities to heal people like never before.

10:50 – 11:20 AM EST

Scott Dicker

Trends in Delivery Formats

Program Supporter, SPINS, will take a dive into the data across VMS and food formats, focusing specifically on the growing gray area between traditional supplement and food/beverage formats as developers explore moves away from traditional capsules and pills. We’ll see what formats are emerging and growing and the insights behind the numbers

11:20 – 11:50 AM EST

Elan Sudberg

Testing Keeps the Supply Chain Clean

A stable supply chain and innovative products are not enough; suppliers and brands must ensure the products meet label claim. Learn how identity, potency, and purity testing can be more than tools to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Hear which botanicals are likely to fail identity testing, and what tricks bad actors use to falsify Certificates of Analysis. Thank you, Alkemist, for underwriting this session.

11:50 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Len Monheit

NI Supply Chain & Delivery Systems Trivia

Join the fun for a chance at a Naturally Informed Yeti Tumbler!

12:00 – 12:30 PM EST

Devon Gholam, PhD

Innovations & Product Formulations from the Ingredient Up

Thank you, Step Change, for underwriting this session.

12:30 – 1:00 PM EST

Angie Rimel, Ginger Waller

Gummy Supplements: A Sensational Delivery Format

1:00 – 1:30 PM EST

Asa Waldstein; Akash Shah

The Regulatory Universe & AI