Active Nutrition: Mastering the Market Schedule

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Day 1: Tuesday, June 29th

Despite being more connected than ever, it is clear that lifestyles, dietary habits, and personal choices mean we are living in an ever-segmented world when it comes to food and nutrition.  Day one of our Active Nutrition: Mastering the Market event explores how science and technology are making it easier than ever for athletes and on-the-go consumers to follow specific diets while performing at the top of their game, plus highlights emerging opportunities and nutritional interventions and concepts in the sports and active space.  

Day 2: Wednesday, June 30th

The second day of our virtual event looks at how brands and retailers can best position and engage with consumers on the topic of active nutrition. Leading experts will provide an update on market trends and innovation opportunities, explore popular diets and lifestyle approaches to support both mental and physical performance, offer best practices for working with influencers and communicating with consumers online and in store, and provide success strategies for positioning and merchandising products.