The goal: to enjoy a long, healthy life. Emphasis on healthy. The aging global population is taking preventative measures with lifestyle choices and supplementation to maintain a youthful existence as they mature. Optimizing brain health; revving energy; protecting bone; muscle, and joint health; maintaining a healthy heart and strong immune system; boosting libido…the list of interests is long, so the potential for success in this category is great. And it’s not just about Boomers: Younger demographics are recognizing the importance of building a healthy foundation, particularly as COVID-19 has raised awareness about the importance of healthy living.

During this two-day event, researchers, suppliers, brands, retailers, practitioners and other industry players will investigate how businesses throughout the supply chain can meet consumer demand and master this market. Get up-to-date on emerging science, consumer trends, and actionable strategies for developing, positioning, and merchandizing products.

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