Naturally Informed Series Continues in 2024!

February 28-29 Supply Chain & Delivery Systems: Mastering the Market

The past several years have reinforced the importance of a stable, trustworthy supply chain. From geopolitics to basic inventory management, the economics and relationships have changed. At the same time, the role of the contract manufacturer has evolved, now often including the letter ‘D’ as in CDMO representing development, a true extension of the brand product development team. 

For brands, the search for novelty and for new consumers has led to a proliferation of formulation tools, including AI and extensive consumer testing to try to assess just what that next consumer is really seeking. On the supplement side, while rumors of the demise of traditional formats may be premature, formats such as gummies, liposomals, micro-encapsulation, and the entire conversation about bioavailability are taking center stage.

This 2-day virtual event will cover supplements, functional foods and beverages (and the gray areas between), digging into supply chain and product format implications for current and future consumers.

June 25-27 Microbiome: Mastering the Market

We are learning more daily about the role of our microbiomes and overall health and even longevity. Having a healthy microbiome may thwart degenerative conditions and cognitive decline, allow us to be more fit and active, have an impact on inflammatory status, and contribute to digestive and immune health. Yet there are still critical questions to be addressed by the industry. Are the “new kids on the block,” synbiotics and postbiotics, leveraging and expanding upon the popularity of probiotics and prebiotics? Are consumers going beyond the gut and oral microbiota? Do they understand enough about the microbiome and how can we build that baseline?

These questions and more will be at the center of discussion in our 3-day intensive virtual conference that will capture emerging science in a practical market-impacting context.

Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 Stress & Mental Wellness: Mastering the Market

Consumers are tired of feeling stressed, foggy, and tired…and they are taking action. Sales of well-known natural helpers are on the rise—2022 data from SPINS shows ashwagandha is up 92.6%, magnesium is up 48.7%, and CBD is 29.4%, to name just a few. What is the latest science on these offerings…and what ingredients are emerging as the top sellers of the future? 

Get the answers to these questions—and connect with leading experts to get your questions answered—during this 3-day virtual conference. Breakthrough research, consumer trends, formulation opportunities, marketing strategies, and more will be covered to help you master this market. 

Dec. 10-12 Active Aging: Mastering the Market

As average life expectancy continues to rise, consumers are more aware of the need to be proactive to age well. Where “anti-aging” supplements were once primarily an interest for those over 55, Gen X and Millennials have shifted into the space with a focus on lifestyle strategies to enhance quality of life at every age. Physical appearance (skin, hair), cognitive health, emotional wellbeing (stress, sleep), and overall general well-being of the body (muscles, bones, joints) are of top concern. 

In this 3-day virtual conference, leading experts will discuss the cutting-edge science that can help people achieve their goals of extending health span. Dive into the latest trends, and gain the practical, actionable know-how—from formulation opportunities to marketing and merchandising strategiesthat can help you grow your business in this emerging market.

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