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ITC Global Market Insights

Presented by Len Monheit

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Keynote - Historical Ayurvedic Perspectives on the Microbiome & Human Health
With an Emphasis on Depression and Obesity

Presented by Eduardo Cardona-Sanclemente, DSc, PhD

Developments in Microbiome Technology

Presented by Nathan Price, PhD

The Story of Healing From the Ground Up

Presented by Erin Meyer, RD; Carl Rosier, PhD; Anya Knecht

Fruitful Complexity: Unraveling the Power of Whole Kiwi Fruit Prebiotics to Address 24 Health Outcomes

Presented by Lizbeth Cabigas

GPA Young Researcher Grant Winner
Prebiotic intervention with HAMSAB in untreated essential hypertensive patients assessed in a phase II randomized trial

Presented by Hamdi Jama, PhD

Keynote - The Wild Microbiome & Creating Cuisine from Nature
Creative Solutions to Modern Nutrition Shortcomings: Health in a Natural & Sustainable Way

Presented by Pascal Baudar

Emerging Considerations in the Skin Microbiome

Presented by Marie Drago, PharmD (slides below) and Elsa Jungman, PhD

Enzymes + Probiotics: Key Catalysts for Gut-Brain Axis Support

Presented by Julia Craven

You 'Age' What You Eat: Researching the Link of the Gut, Brain, and Microbiome for a Healthier, Longer Lifespan

Presented by Hariom Yadav, PhD

Women in Microbiome Science - Advances in Product Testing with the SIMBA Capsule

Presented by Sabina Bruehlmann, PhD

Keynote - Gut-Brain Connection: Could the Gut Be the Key to Your Happiness?

Presented by Jill Carnahan, MD

Microbiome Market Trends & Implications

Presented by Brandon Casteel

Navigating the Biotics Horizon: Market Evolution and Beyond

Presented by Elizabeth Thundow

Engaging the 'Biotics Supplement Consumer
Discover the Key Data, Mindset Shifts & Regulatory Mastery That Will Set You Apart in a Crowded Space

Miguel Freitas, PhD

Kristina Campbell

Asa Waldstein

GPA Young Researcher Grant Winner
Individualized microbiotas dictate the impact of dietary fiber on colitis sensitivity

Presented by Erica Bonazzi, PhD

Exploring Nature’s Fiber-Bound Polyphenols in Microbiome Health

Presented by Brendan Kesler

Women in Microbiome Science - Implications of GLP-1 on the Microbiome

Presented by Kara Landau, RD