Microbiome: Mastering the Market Speakers 2023

Outstanding Keynotes
Day 1 Keynote
Day 2 Keynote
Day 3 Keynote
Harriet Schellekens, PhD
Dr. Drew Sinatra
Dr. Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Lecturer, University College Cork; Funded Investigator, APC Microbiome Ireland

Naturopathic Doctor

Gastro Doctor, Cookery Author and Winner of MasterChef 2017

And many more amazing experts...

Danielle Citrolo, Pharm D.

VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Kyowa Hakko

Julia Craven

VP Education & Innovation, Enzymedica

Alexis Collins

Director of Product & Brand Strategy, Stratum Nutrition

Cynthia Fernández-Lainez

PhD Student, University Medical Center Groningen

Samantha Ford

Director of Business Development, Anagenix, LTD

Ambra Giorgetti

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford

Lucie Hayter

Founder, The Gut Feeling

Traci Kantowski

Senior Strategic Marketing Director, Industry Transparency Center

Kara Landau

Founding Dietitian, Gut Feeling – Gut Health R&D + Certification

Aubrey Levitt

Co-Founder & CEO, Postbiotics Plus Research

Aurore De Monclin

Strategy, Innovation, Marketing Global Director and Managing Partner (COO)

Nathan Price, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Thorne HealthTech; Author, The Age of Scientific Wellness

Asa Waldstein

Principal Supplement Advisory Group

Marc Washington

Founder & CEO, Supergut

Madeline Zephyr

Founder, Begin Health