Founder, The Gut Feeling

Lucie Hayter

10 years ago Lucie was struggling with debilitating gut issues which inspired her to learn more about gut health and launch a company to help more people like her. She is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and founded The Gut Feeling which is a technology company that helps people like her feel better through their gut health app. The app has short 3-6 week evidence based courses led by Dietitians, Psychologists and Doctors to help people improve their gut health and find relief. Lucie spreads the word about gut health through The Gut Feeling’s platform as well as speaking at conferences like the IBS World Summit and Microbiome One Health. She has also created TikToks seen by 3 million people @luciehayter and has contributed to articles in national press and radio shows for likes the BBC, The Guardian and Health & Wellbeing.