Immunity: Mastering the Market On Demand

DISCLAIMER: Information in these presentations is intended for educational and scientific purposes only. It is not intended as medical or nutritional advice for the treatment or prevention of disease. For medical advice, please consult your health care professional.


These sessions were originally recorded live on March 1, 2022. 

Building Immune Resilience for a Whole New World

Heather Moday, M.D., author of The Immunotype Breakthrough

The Changing Consumer Immunity Connection

Len Monheit, CEO, Trust Transparency Center

Market Trends Shaping the Future of Immunity Supplements

Dan Harari, VP, Business Development,ClearCut Analytics

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Three lessons from COVID

Philip Calder, Ph.D., University of Southampton

Vitamin D and Me! Collaboration

Susan Hewlings, Ph.D., R.D. on behalf of Vitamin D and Me!

Potential for botanical-based remedies

Jeffrey Langland, Ph.D. Ric Scalzo Institute for Botanical Research

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Postbiotic Immune Activation with IMMUSE™ LC-Plasma: An Innovative Approach to Immune Health

Danielle Citrolo, Pharm.D., VP, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
Kyowa Hakko

The discovery of and science behind BeniCarosTM, a novel immune health ingredient from carrot pomace, supported by unique clinical evidence

Ruud Albers, Ph.D., Co-founder & CSO, NutriLeads

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PANEL: Climate Change, Pandemics & Public Health: A call to action

Jessica Schiff, Bob Quinn and Alan Lewis

Skin Immunity

Karin Hermoni, Ph.D. 

PANEL: Communicating in store and online—where are we now?

Gene Bruno, Asa Waldstein, Gillian Christie

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Immune Health 2-years into COVID-19: What we have and haven’t learned and where do we go from here

David Foreman, Pharm.D.

Fireside Chat: Make Your Business Immune

Mark LeDoux, Dan Chapman, Jane Franch

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