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Consumer Supplement User and Market Insights

Presented by Len Monheit

KEYNOTE: Stress, the Mind, and Ashwagandha

Presented by Chris Kilham

Legacy Ingredient, Emerging Science: EPA and DHA for Mental Wellbeing

Presented by Kaitlin Roke, R.D.

A Potent Brain Health Nutrient and Nootropic for Optimizing Overall Cognitive Health

presented by Danielle Citrolo, PharmD

Panel: New Paradigms in Mental Health – the Time of Psychedelics

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Elan Sudberg’s slides

Rend Al-Mondhiry’s slides

Michael Barr’s slides

Keynote: Navigating Unknown Terrain: How Nature Helps Us to Be Regulated and Resilient

Presented by Maya Shetreat, M.D.

Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Stress Robust Phenotype

Presented by Monika Fleshner, Ph.D. 

Mental Wellness for the Seven Living Generations

Presented by David Foreman, RPh, ND

The GABAergic Shunt Explained – How dietary ingredients like L-theanine and adaptogens affect cognitive behavior and stress

Presented by Michael Lelah, Ph.D.

Using Patents and Trade Secrets to Protect Innovation in Mental Wellness Targeting Supplements and Functional Foods

Presented by George Carrera/William Cole

Regulatory and Enforcement Update on Notable Action in the Cognition, Adaptogen, and Nootropic Space

Presented by Asa Waldstein

KEYNOTE: Food and Feelings: The Hidden Connection between Brain Health, Gut Health, and Mental Health

Presented by Stacie J Stephenson

Mental Wellness Market Trends

Presented by Scott Dicker and Dan Harari

PANEL: The Next Generation of Stress & Mental Wellness Ingredients

Presented by Jeffrey Burke, Mark Kaylor; Ralph Martins

Mark Kaylor’s Slides

Jeffrey Burke’s Slides

Please note due to technical difficulties, Ralph Martins was unable to present live with the panel, his bonus content is now available. 

3 Ways to Keep Burnout at Bay

Presented by Chloe Carmichael, PhD; Melissa Jurgensmier, SHRM-SCP

Dr. Chloe’s Slides

Bonus Content Recorded from The Next Generation Panel

Presented by Ralph Martins; Discussion with Mark Kaylor

Dr. Martins’ Slides