Stratum Nutrition®, a business of ESM Technologies, LLC, is a trusted ingredient innovator and supplier to product formulators for human and pet health. Stratum offers a portfolio of research-supported ingredients and technology that stand out in their respective health categories as being progressive, safe, and effective, including: NEM® brand eggshell membrane – fast-acting for joint health, LBiome™ Lactobacillus LB postbiotic, Ahiflower® – a single plant source of optimally balanced omegas, BLIS K12™ and BLIS M18™ – oral microbiome probiotics, VitaSperse® ingredient delivery technology, Nataxtin™ – Chilean astaxanthin, Curcumin 95, and ESC® brand eggshell calcium. Stratum’s name and the products we provide are trusted and relied upon by consumers internationally. Visit for more information.

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Stratum Nutrition
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