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Navigating the Current Crisis in Botanical Sourcing and Supply Chains

Panel with Holly Johnson, Edward Fletcher, and Josef Brinckmann

Edward Fletcher’s Presentation

Josef Brinckmann’s Presentation

Keynote – Healing Plant Actives: The Power is in the Whole

Fireside chat with Paul Schulick

Reimagining Botanicals: Getting Outside Your Box

Presented by David Foreman, RPh, ND

Botanicals from the Past for the Future, and the Need for Traceability and Transparency

Fireside chat with Sameer Joshi

Litigation Risks, Trends, and Strategies with Botanicals

Presented by Matthew Orr, and William Cole

Keynote – We Can’t Be Well Until the Planet is Well

Keynote with Ann Armbrecht

Reimagining Business Strategy for 2023 & Beyond

Fireside chat with Wilson Lau

The Impact of Technology on the Botanicals Marketplace

Panel with Holly Johnson, Dana Perls, and Loren Israelsen

The Consumer Perspective on Key Botanicals as Functional and Culinary Ingredients

Presented by Melissa Abbott

Modern Ethnobotany: Bridging Scientific and Traditional Knowledge to Unravel the Therapeutic Potential of Medicinal Plants

Presented by Matthew Orr, and William Cole