XSTO Solutions was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey.  XSTO’s core focus is bringing a select number of science-supported nutritional ingredients to the functional food and dietary supplement markets across North America. XSTO personnel have successfully and profitably launched new products, driving sales by acting as US-based sales and marketing partners. XSTO has also partnered with small-to-medium-sized international ingredient manufacturers to increase sales and marketing focus.  XSTO can be reached at 973.975.4224 or info@xstosolutions.com or www.xstosolutions.com

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PepZin GI®

PepZin GI® is a clinically supported Digestive Health ingredient with over two dozen human studies and over two hundred published papers. Supporting mucosal lining in the stomach and small intestine it offers a “first line of defense” for a wide variety of gut issues including the claim “for occasional heartburn.” PepZin GI is considered a New Dietary Ingredient by the FDA and is made in Japan and stored locally by Xsto in USA.


K2Quest is a branded form of Vitamin K2 MK7 that is made in USA. With its European origins, K2 Quest offers patented support for Bone Health and Cardiovascular Health. Demand for Vitamin K2 is growing rapidly and K2Quest comes in both powder and oil forms with numerous concentrations made and stored in USA.


Made form Gherkin cucumbers, Cuvitus® human science from a US study shows a statistically significant improvement in exercise performance and a reduction in specific cytokines. Cytokines are considered inflammatory markers often related to muscle swelling. Cuvitus claims can be made around “pain form temporary over-exercise.” Cuvitus is made in Taiwan and stored locally by Xsto in USA.


EccaTru™ is a totally new and sustainable European source of the age-old and historically supported botanical Echinacea. As an immune support ingredient, EccaTru is naturally sourced and derived without the exploitation of soil, water, land and labor and free form herbicides and pesticides. EccaTru is made in Italy and stored locally by Xsto in USA. 


BenfoPure® is a branded source of Benfotiamine with a Self-GRAS file for safety and regulatory compliance. Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble source of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) that supports healthy circulation for eye health and neuropathy as well as blood sugar metabolism. BenfoPure is made in Japan and stored locally by Xsto in USA.    


NiaXtend is a branded and highly studied tablet formulation of Extended-Release nicotinic acid for supporting healthy blood lipid profiles. With at least seven human studies supporting both efficacy and safety, this unique delivery system offers niacin in a well-tolerated wax-matrix formula. 


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