Taking Control of the Immunity and Wellness Market #OnDemand

The video archive of each presentation from the Taking Control of the Immunity & Wellness Virtual Event on June 11 and 12, 2020 is provided below. If the speaker provided slides, they can be accessed by clicking the file icon under the video. 

OPENING KEYNOTE: Strategies for Immune Wellness with Mark Hyman, MD
MORNING KEYNOTE: Wellness and Immunity: A new mega-trend? with Shelley Balanko
CLOSING KEYNOTE - Emotional Wellness in Times of Transition with Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Please note that Dr. Low Dog had some connection issues and her presentation ended early. 

Nutrients & Nutraceuticals for Immunity with James DiNicolantonio
Bimuno: A case study in Microbiome-based Immune Health NPD
Immunity & Wellness Claims: The New Product Development Process​
Aloe Vera & Immune Function with Radio Host & Author Martie Whittekin
Featured Panel - Effective Strategies for Omni-Channel Success
Four healthy habits for successful science commercialization​​
Featured Panel - How to Communicate and Engage In-Store & Online ​
Good Bugs: The Microbiome & Immunity Presentation, Panel and Live Q&A​

Information in these presentations is intended for educational and scientific purposes only. It is not intended as medical or nutritional advice for the treatment or prevention of disease. For medical advice, consult your personal health care practitioner.