Cheryl Baldwin

Vice President of Sustainability Consulting for Pure Strategies

Cheryl Baldwin, Ph.D.

Cheryl Baldwin, Ph.D., is a Vice President of Sustainability Consulting for Pure Strategies.  Her work involves helping corporate clients develop and execute sustainability strategies – from setting targets to working with suppliers to advance environmental and social priorities.   

Cheryl also leads Pure Strategies’ global market research to generate new insights to accelerate business transformation, including a report published in August with Environment and Energy Leader on Implementing Advanced Corporate Climate Strategies.

Cheryl wrote the book, The 10 Principles of Food Industry Sustainability and is the lead author/editor for two additional books on sustainability, and holds U.S. and international patents.

Today, Cheryl will be speaking about sustainable packaging.  This has been a part of her work for over 15 years and recent projects include supporting Walmart’s sustainable packaging initiatives, including the Walmart Recycling Playbook.