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Stratum Nutrition’s value to your finished product brand goes beyond supplying our unique, story-driven, science-backed, responsible, natural ingredients. 

We whole-heartedly believe in investing our time, resources, and energy into every brand relationship. Mixing this with our proactive product launch assistance provides a mutually beneficial formula for success.

This relationship-centric partnership has saved our customers countless time, resources, headache, and yes, even some Benji’s.

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Our Story:

A Midwest small town man began what is now Stratum Nutrition, selling eggs out of the back of a family station wagon purchased after his tour in the Korean war. Due to the founder’s vision, tenacity and innovative mindset, 40 years later he had built the Midwest’s largest vertically-integrated chicken operation. 

Realizing the massive amounts of eggshells being trucked out as fertilizer or waste, he recognized an opportunity and immediately began working on a solution. 

Upon discovering the historically documented health benefits of eggshell calcium and membrane, he built the patented technology and all-natural process we use today. This process separates the calcium and membrane from eggshells while also decreasing eggshell waste in landfills and improving the lives of millions around the world.

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