Senior Vice President, Communications Council for Responsible Nutrition

Brian Wommack

Brian Wommack is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of the association’s overall strategic communications efforts, and entrusted to enhance and protect the reputation of the dietary supplement industry. Under his leadership, CRN’s Communications team is reimagining its member communication strategy and has launched new initiatives to proactively promote responsible industry and provide consumer education.  

 In January 2020, Mr. Wommack led the Communications team in the launch of the “CRN Daily Supplement,” a daily update for CRN members designed to provide more timely and useful information in a digestible package, implementing more visual and video communications. He was instrumental in creating and executing an award winning education campaign, “Label Wise,” to inform consumers of upcoming dietary supplement label changes and encourage overall label literacy. Mr. Wommack leads the department’s response strategy on negative media and scientific studies to defend the mainstream, responsible industry. He also serves as the spokesperson for the annual CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements and CRN’s COVID-19 survey. 

 Mr. Wommack sits on the Editorial Advisory Board for Nutritional Outlook and regularly participates in meetings with the Dietary Supplement Quality Collaborate (DSQC), and other industry trade groups and is committed to promoting greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry. 

 He has more than 25 years of experience helping organizations and brands see around corners and solve problems—or seize opportunities—at the intersection of communications, public policy and law. He draws on a long tenure as a communications consultant, time as a lobbyist and congressional staffer, and work as a lawyer. 

 He serves as industry strategist and advisor, as an industry spokesperson, and as a coach and mentor to members and staff on accomplishing goals through communications initiatives. After years of working for clients across many industries in issues management and crisis work, he is particularly gratified at being able to build up equity and trust for this thriving and vital industry over the long haul as it helps consumers improve their health and wellness.