Driving Value Through Sustainability Across the Supply Chain On Demand

This is the On Demand Access Portal for the Driving Value Through Sustainability Across the Supply Chain Virtual Event that took place August 26-27, 2020. If a speaker made slides available, their presentation is linked below for download. 

Presented by Josh Tickell, Director, Kiss the Ground Movie

Driving sustainability through new technologies, investment & innovation

Presented by Steve Osborn, Aroura Ceres and Johanna Tanhuanpää, Analyst/Partner at Invenire

Resilience in Action: Best Sourcing Practices for Supplier Sustainability

Presented by Greg Ris, Vice President, Sales – Indena U.S.A., Inc.

Sustainable sourcing: Best practices for value-added ingredients

Presented by Ann Armbrecht, Director, Sustainable Herbs Program and Jacob Foss, Co-founder/COO of Agricycle Global

From waste to value: The next food ingredients revolution?

Presented by Turner Wyatt, CEO, Upcycled Food Association, Megan Cornish, VP External Affairs, FoodMaven and Nick Mendoza, Co-Founder & CEO of Neptune

KEYNOTE: Regenerative Agriculture 2020: A Primer on the Future of Food​

Presented by Thomas M. Newmark, Founder and Chair of The Carbon Underground

Beyond Sustainability: The RegenAg Movement​

Presented by Kamal Bell, Sankofa Farms, Bethany Davis, MegaFood and Diana Martin, Rodale Institute

A 20/20 View of Sustainable Packaging

Presented by Cheryl Baldwin, Ph.D., Vice President of Sustainability Consulting, Pure Strategies

Retailer Roundtable: Starting Local to Spark Change​
Presented by Alan Lewis, Natural Grocers and Abraham Nabors, Mustard Seed Market & Cafe
Sustainable Living: Effectively Communicating with the Consumer
Presented by Mike Hughes, Director of Insights, FMCG Gurus

Information in these presentations is intended for educational and scientific purposes only. It is not intended as medical or nutritional advice for the treatment or prevention of disease. For medical advice, consult your personal health care practitioner.    

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