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ITC Global Market Insights

Presented by Len Monheit

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Keynote - Building Resilient Supply Chains Through a People-Focused Future

Presented by Nada Sanders, PhD

Panel: A Spotlight on India and Geopolitical Implications across Supply Chains

Presented by Loren Israelsen, JD and Amit Srivastava (slides below)

Supply Chain Expertise & Development of Novel Formats Outside Your Wheelhouse

Presented by Lisa Thomas and Wilson Lau

Fact vs Fallacy in Liposomal Delivery Systems

Presented by Sebastian Balcombe

Panel: New Applications in Technology & Formulating

Shane Durkee; Todd Taylor; Torah Torres

Keynote - The Convergence of Health and Technology:
How tech-based health solutions are helping us live our best lives

Presented by David Rabin, MD, PhD

Trends in Delivery Formats

Presented by Scott Dicker

Testing Keeps the Supply Chain Clean

Presented by Elan Sudberg

Innovations & Product Formulations from the Ingredient Up

Presented by Devon Gholam, PhD

Gummy Supplements: A Sensational Delivery Format

Presented by Angie Rimel and Ginger Waller

The Regulatory Universe & AI

Presented by Asa Waldstein and Akash Shah