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February 8 & 9 Reimagining Botanicals: Mastering the Market

Botanicals have been used for health and healing for literally thousands of years through traditions such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The science of ethnobotany studies the relationship between humans and plants, and continues to confirm the value of nature’s medicinal plants. Of note, it is estimated that more than 35 percent of medicines have their origins in natural products (2019).  Herbs and botanicals often find their way into households as spices and seasonings, and many are strongly physiologically active. These plants offer that holy grail in the ingredient space of being “experiential”-and consumers want those benefits to enhance their wellbeing.
This 2-day virtual conference will examine the “roots” of botanical consumption, explore both ethnobotany and pharmacognosy, and put forward new ways of looking at botanicals in supplements and foods with a goal of mastering this reimagined market.

May 23-25 Microbiome: Mastering the Market 2023

A blurry concept only 5 years ago, the microbiome has become understood as perhaps the most critical environment impacting human health – and consumers know this. What they know less about is exactly how it works and what thev can do to impact it. And the more things come into focus, the more we have yet to learn about these complex systems so fundamental to life – the science is evolving literally daily. This three-dav intensive virtual conference will examine not only probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and postbiotics, but also numerous other microbiome modulated interactions including the impact of stress and diet. Experts will examine leading-edge science, and deliver practical tools to leverage this science to competitive advantage and truly mastering the market.

Sept. 26-28 Stress & Mental Wellness: Mastering the Market 2023

Tired, stressed, foggy and frazzled…in today’s go-go-go world, we all feel depleted on occasion, and we all want that edge that can help us be at our best. Increasingly, in fact, energy, stress, focus and sleep are (among) the top health concerns for consumers right now. Nootropics, adaptogens, and phytocannabinoids have gone mainstream, and these science-backed natural remedies are capturing significant market share. Join us for this three-dav virtual conference, which will explore the latest science and market developments in the stress and mental wellness space. Educational sessions and live Q&A sessions featuring leading experts will help you master this trending market.

Dec. 5-7 Active Aging: Mastering the Market 2023

The goal for 2023: to live stronger, longer. Consumers today are focused on extending health span, defined as the period of one’s life that one is healthy. Emphasis on the healthy, because we want to stay active and energized into our golden years. And more than ever before, younger generations are recognizing that to stay vibrant, one must be proactive. That realization has opened this market up to consumers of all ages who are seeking out nutritional supplements and functional foods and beverages to help them achieve their goals.
During this three-day virtual conference, leading experts will discuss the active aging market and trending subcategories. Cognitive health, bone and joint support, libido, and more will be covered, with a look at the latest science on ingredients, consumer market trends, and business strategies. Join us for A+ education that can help you succeed in this space and master this market.

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