Naturally Informed Series Continues in 2022!

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March 1-2 Immunity: Mastering the Market

It’s nearly universally agreed that the impact of the pandemic has changed the way consumers purchase health foods and nutritional supplements, with a huge amount of attention being placed on immunity. However, as we all begin to live in a “new normal,” the way shoppers and the industry think about immunity is shifting. Join the Naturally Informed team for a two-day event exploring the science, trends, supply-chain and business strategy of the immunity trend as it evolves again in 2022. Learn from a line-up of world-class speakers as we explore how to master the immunity market in the post-pandemic era, with cutting-edge insights on emerging research, consumer trends, product positioning, marketing messaging, and more.

May 17-19 Microbiome: Mastering the Market

The trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that call our body home are vital to our health and happiness, with more than 90% of all illnesses and health conditions now linked in some way to the microbiome. However, nearly every finding leads us to even more complex questions about how our health and diet are interlinked by our microbiome. As the science and business of the microbiome continues to evolve, join the Naturally Informed team to explore how to master this exciting but complex market. Our three-day virtual event will take a deep dive into exciting new microbiome research, discuss consumer understanding and communication strategies, and reveal how businesses can innovate and master the market in the microbiome space.

Sept. 20-22 Stress & Mental Wellness: Mastering the Market

From dealing with life’s little daily stressors to navigating unprecedented world events, we are all feeling the strain. Consumers looking to build stress resilience, boost cognitive performance, and improve their outlook are turning to natural ingredients including nootropics and adaptogens. During this three-day event, we will explore the latest research on cognitive boosters and mood modifiers targeting areas like the endocannabinoid system and the gut-brain axis. World-class experts will be sharing their valuable insights, at no charge, so you and your entire team can benefit from free educational and training sessions on consumer trends, and strategies for developing and positioning products. You’ll also learn the most current information on regulatory issues and communicating with consumers on packaging, in social media, and in store, as well as winning strategies for merchandising products on the shelf.

Nov. 16-18 Active Aging: Mastering the Market

This market is no longer about simply living longer–in 2022, it’s about staying active, vibrant, and energized for years to come. People of all ages are now being more proactive to extend their health span, and they are turning to natural products for the support they need to feel their best.
During this three-day event, world-class experts will discuss how businesses throughout the supply chain can meet and master this market. Learn about trending subcategories (brain health; bone, muscle, and joint health; libido; immunity; heart health; eye health; and so much more!) and get up-to-date on emerging science, consumer trends, and actionable strategies for developing, positioning, and merchandizing products. Take advantage of free educational and training tools for your entire team to give your business an edge.