Michael Lelah

Chief Science Officer, NutriScience Innovations, LLC

Michael Lelah, Ph.D.

Michael Lelah, Ph.D. is well-known in the Natural Products Industry and is a passionate proponent of natural health and natural products. He has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and has been involved in academic research in biochemistry, cardiovascular, nutrition, immunology, analytical chemistry and microbiology. Dr. Lelah has over 30 peer reviewed publications and several patents. He has contributed to the development of technical standards at AHPA, and has participated in trade organization governance at AHPA, IADSA, NPA, and ONHA. Dr. Lelah has been involved across the entire supply chain, from the farmer to the end consumer and has a wealth of experience in nutritional science, research and development, product formulation, quality and regulations. He currently is the Chief Science Officer for NutriScience Innovations where he develops and introduces new science and quality standards for NutriScience products and leads the company’s effort in new product innovation.