Founder Radiant Health Project, Author Mushroom Wisdom

Mark Kaylor

While pursuing his doctoral studies in sociology Mark’s life took an abrupt and significant turn.  A part-time job in a health food store began a series of life discoveries and career changes, awakening in him a passion for holistic health and healing.

From this point on he began exploring in depth, as he does to this day, a diverse array of healing practices and traditions from around the world.  From a Cherokee reservation to the Amazon rainforest to mountains in China, his studies have lead him to develop a truly holistic practice and approach to health and healing incorporating many traditions, styles, and modalities.  His passion stems from his desire to share with others the vast and diverse array of information along with the many options that are available to assist others on their path to radiant health.

Mark has worked and consulted in the Natural Foods Industry for over 40 years as a leading holistic health educator, formulator, radio show host/guest, and author.  You can catch him frequently on health talk radio and also visit his informational website: