Vice President, International Society of Ethnobiology

Alain Cuerrier, PhD

Researcher at the Montreal Botanical Garden and writer, Dr. Alain Cuerrier earned his PhD in plant systematics (University of Montreal with one year at Harvard University) before switching to ethnobotany in 2001. He participated at the creation of the First-Nations Garden in Montreal as well as in Laquenexy (France). Since then, he has started ethnobotanical and ethno-ecological projects with the Inuit, Innu, Naskapi, Cree, Squamish people of Canada as well as Palikur (French Guiana) and Cabécar (Costa Rica). As member of the Canadian Institute Health Research Team in Aboriginal Antidiabetic Medecines, he has been active in traditional medicine since 2003. Alain Cuerrier is a member of the Plant Biology Research Institute, ajunct professor at University of Montreal and member of ArcticNet. He has been vice-president of the Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada from 2010-2013 and was president of the International Society of Ethnobiology (2014-2016). Dr. Alain Cuerrier has published more than 12 books on plant uses by First Nations and Inuit of Canada as well as on the philosophy of biology.