Founder, Path Forward Formulator

Shane Durkee

With over 25 years of experience, Shane has led R&D Innovation Teams dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge dosage form technologies, products, and ingredients. His leadership and expertise extend to generating the latest clinical science and claims for both finished products and ingredients. He is deeply passionate about leveraging innovative ideas to enhance people’s lives through technology, nutrition, and clinical research.

In 2023, Shane founded Path Forward Formulator, LLC, a company aimed at harnessing his extensive knowledge, expertise in product development, and vast network of advisors to develop a proprietary app-based platform for product development.

Designed to cater to Brands, Formulators, Product Developers, Innovators, and their respective team members, Path Forward Formulator™ brings speed and efficiency to the formulation process. The system is engineered to adjust for potency and overage, estimate costs, predict packaging size configurations, generate draft Nutritional and/or Supplement Facts panels, and produce a specification sheet complete with suggestions on ingredient/component suppliers and contract manufacturers.