Novonesis Group

Biologiens Vej 2 2800 Lyngby Denmark

+45 44 46 00 00

A new beginning to better our world.

Chr. Hansen and Novozymes have joined forces to create Novonesis, a leading biosolutions partner.

Novonesis means ‘a new beginning’. It’s derived from the Greek word ‘genesis’. And that’s what we offer: a new beginning based on the power of biology.

The time for biosolutions is now.

It’s time for change. For food systems that deliver more, healthier food. For better health from the beginning of life right through to old age. And for a healthy planet for generations to come. It’s time for the era of biosolutions.

Tiny but mighty enzymes, functional proteins and microbes enable change in all living things. We put that transformational power at the core of our biosolutions to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges.