3 Terri Lane, Unit 12

Burlington, NJ 08016 USA

AstaReal, Inc. is the world’s first producer of commercial natural astaxanthin and a subsidiary to the parent pharmaceutical company, Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. in Toyama, Japan. AstaReal is responsible for building the scientific foundation that made the natural astaxanthin industry possible. It is the only brand of natural astaxanthin supported by 80 human clinical studies. AstaReal brings you a team of globally recognized astaxanthin experts, providing a 360° service including R&D, product development, and marketing support.

Our natural astaxanthin is grown and harvested in Moses Lake, Washington, USA. Our unique closed indoor manufacturing process uses 100% renewable hydroelectric energy. AstaReal’s process is founded on pharmaceutical principles; employing the highest quality standards and supplying a consistent product that you can trust.

As the global demand for natural astaxanthin continues to grow, we will continue to be fully dedicated to ensuring the supply of premium, natural astaxanthin products. Our leadership in the astaxanthin industry ensures that food and supplement brands have the attention and support they need to bring effective products to market quickly and successfully.