Chief Operating Officer for MTI Biotech/ VP of Business Development, Innovative Products Division, TSI Group LTD

Shawn Baier

Mr. Baier holds a Masters of Science degree from Iowa State University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Iowa.  In 1997, he was hired by MTI Biotech as a Research Scientist with specific responsibilities related to overseeing outside research projects related to HMB and muscle performance and health as well as work on marketing and sales of HMB to the sports nutrition and adult nutrition markets. 

In 2003, Mr. Baier accepted a position at Iowa State University Center for Designing Foods as an Assistant to the Director responsible for managing all research projects at the Center. One project in particular, Mr. Baier was responsible for the administration of a year-long, NIH/NIA funded research study investigating the benefits of a HMB containing nutritional supplement on muscle mass and function in older adults. In 2007, Mr. Baier returned to MTI Biotech with the role of Director of Sales and Marketing, and in 2008, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. 

In 2019, as part of a change in ownership interests at MTI Biotech with TSI Group LTD, Mr. Baier became VP of Business Development for their Innovative Products Division. His responsibilities include new business development, research and development management, as well as identifying and acquiring new technologies for commercialization.