Dietitian Nutritionist, Author; Spokesperson, AMHQ & Pattrn

Nichole Dandrea-Russert, RDN

Nichole Dandrea-Russert is a plant-based dietitian nutritionist and certified yoga instructor. She specializes in plant-based eating for mood, sleep, and hormonal balance, as well as plant-based eating for the health of the planet. She’s the author of The Fiber Effect: Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Fiber for Better Healthand The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook: The Essential Guide to Plant-Based Performance. She’s been featured in Eating Well, Business Insider, Clean Plates, Yoga Journal, Forbes Health and Veg News. She’s a nutrition spokesperson for The Weather Channel’s AMHQ and Pattrn. She’s originally from New Jersey, but currently lives in Atlanta with her husband, Ricky Russert, and rescue pup, Mariposa.